Februrary 2020 - May 2020 | School Project

Project Information

  • Team Size: 56
  • Genre: Arcade Racing Game
  • Platform: Windows
  • Engine: Unreal 4
  • Develop time: 3 months
  • Steam: Download


HaberDashers is a console-style arcade (kart) racer for the PC in which players control miniature humanoid inhabitants of an everyday home, racing past outsized household items and through rooms as they compete against human and AI opponents with both driving skills and item pick-ups.

My contributions

  • Designed the prototype UI layouts and passed them to artists
  • Developed the framework for the whole UI system
  • Implemented majority functions of the UI system
  • Implemented data-oriented UI animations and used them for Credits Menu

UI System Manager

In my UI Framework, the UI system is managed by two files - One is blueprint actor, and another one is widget root manager. The actor in the scene will be handling data exchange between the game system and the UI system, and the widget manager will be handling display functions as well as UI inputs.

UI Base Button

In my new UI framework, the buttons can be defined with customized animations as well as default sfx. Designers could easily create new buttons from the base button and create animations for them without pain.

Post Mortem

What Went Well

  • Designed and implemented a complete UI system
  • Learned how to work with blueprints
  • Learned how to use Unreal Engine
  • Learned to collabarate with a large team

What Went Wrong

  • The communication with the artists always go wrong, the assets actually comes at the last sprint
  • In the later sprints I worked overtime several times to make the project keep with schedules.

What I learned

  • Develop a framework before actually working on the project benefits a lot
  • Working with designers and artists on UI could be more complicated than I expected, documents are important.