About me

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I'm a software development student studying at SMU Guildhall. I started programming when I was 10 years old, win the First prize in NOIP 2012 (National Olympiad in Informatics in Provinces, official Algorithm Contest in China) when I was in high school. I spent 4 years at Nanjing University and get my bachelor degree. During February 2019 and July 2019, I had an internship in Netease as a gameplay programmer. I have 3 years experience with Unity development and 1 year experience with UE4 development.

I'm interested in graphics and rendering, I've implemented a simple UI framework in my game engine as well as in Unreal. In my capstone project, I implemented Toon Shading for stylized rendering.

Currently I am working on Fluid Rendering as my thesis project.

I'm a fan of Japanese culture and Japanese animes. My favourite anime is Hyouka (氷菓), the story is a combination of Mystery and high school friendship. This anime impressed me a lot when I started getting into the Otaku Culture.

For games, I really love Visual Novels and Rhythm Games. For Visual Novels, I have played more than 30 kinds of different Visual Novels, and I really love the stories created by Kotaro Uchikoshi (打越鋼太郎). Especially the game Ever17, this is a master piece even though the game itself has low graphics quality, the scripts and the philosophy behind this game is epic and can't be expressed by words.

Another epic game I want to mention is 13 Sentinels: Aegis Rim (十三機兵防衛圏) by Vanillaware. The core game itself is Visual Novel, but the company expends the game to Adventure Game and Real-time Strategy, it makes the game more playable and fun. The story is awesome in all aspects, the scripter wrote the story in 13 different story lines as for 13 different heroes & heroines. It should be one of the best science fiction games in history.